A little bit of Energy Balancing.......

Reiki/Energy Healing is something I've been using on myself now for 10+ years as a way to get to know myself on a deeper level. It is a natural modality to help ourselves connect more fully with ourselves and allowing our body to feel comforted and loved within. It is mostly felt when were in a relaxed state. We can help stabilize our moods, well-being, and overall to feel more balanced in our hectic lives when were in tune with ourselves. Eventually, self connecting becomes something we learn to do with on a regular basis when needed.

* Please note, Energy Healing is a wonderful complement and not a replacement for professional medical care. As we are all individuals, results will vary. 

Energy Healing Session

1 hr in Person Sessions~90$

30 min Distance (recorded) Session~$65

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Each Session Includes A Intuitive Energy reading 
 Discover and understand what your energy says about you and bring positive change into your life!

Past Life readng

$30 (30 min)