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Energy Healing Session
with Cheri

For those seeking Spiritual Intuitive Guidance and Energy Healing as part of their journey.












As someone who loves to explore the depth of my own spirit, I hope to share my joy for healing to help you connect with your own spirit for you to experience the love and depth that is deep within you.


  When you come in for your first visit, you will be greeted with warmth and support. You will be provided with comfort by listening and offering intuitive healing and guidance. I will help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and where they have originated from. We will work together to help reveal your core issues, which will lead you into deeper awareness and expansion of your innate healing potential.

I want to share with you how you can better feel your emotions rather suppressing them. I want you to know how amazingly beautiful and lovable and worthy you are. As we move past the judgment that causes our symptoms, we set our hearts free by understanding what is really true and real. In doing so, we are able to connect with our souls and are able to live more authentically.

1 hr in Person or Zoom $120

 30 min Distance recorded Sessions $90

Each Session Includes A Intuitive Energy Reading and Consultation.
Expand your awareness and help uncover your blocks!


By booking in a appointment for Energy Healing, you are agreeing to help aid in the nervous system ,energetic field, biochemical physiological and nervous system.

**Please note, Cheri is Not a Licensed Therapist and does Not give medical advice. ask your Dr. if Energy Healing is right for you. Energy Healing does Not replace your Dr's Advice.

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